Top 20 YouTube Backlink Generator Platforms You Must Know

YouTube is the second most viewed website in the world. That implies that improving your rating can be advantageous for you. You may increase traffic to your YouTube channel, increase views, and improve your rating by using SEO. In this essay, we’ll define YouTube backlinks and outline the top 20 YouTube backlink generator.

You want other websites to link to yours if you want to increase the amount of organic traffic that comes from Google and other search engines for your YouTube video link. Although there are many link-building techniques, creating high-quality content is still one of the simplest ways to earn backlinks.


Top 20 YouTube Backlink Generator Platforms

YouTube backlink generator

1. BackLinkr

 It is a fantastic YouTube backlink generator with a user-friendly UI that is very efficient at what it does. Numerous reputable websites make use of this application, which has received favorable reviews. The ideal option for you if you want to increase your link-building game is BackLinkr.

The websites that create the backlinks have high authority and are quickly indexed or scanned by Google. Your chances of ranking highly on SERPs are thus increased. Discover the best features of the backlink generation tools by scrolling down.



2. Business 2 Community (B2C)

This is a group that focuses on publishing articles, case studies, interviews, and white papers for business resources. You can participate in this community as a blogger by adding entries or syndicating your blog, or you can use the Advertising program to upload your white papers and webcasts.

The best strategy to earn a backlink from Business 2 Community is to post on and syndicate your blog as a contributor. To ensure that your contribution is accepted, abide by their Contributor Guidelines.



3. BizSugar

BizSugar is a platform for sharing and syndicating material. The platform in this instance is unique to the small business market. Only top-notch content is authorized and posted in this regulated community.

Spend some time becoming acquainted with the site first, then register and begin sharing and syndicating. The primary BizSugar website is a mastermind community for small business owners that is also worth exploring if you own a small company or work alone. Hanging out electronically with other experts is always beneficial, and it can help with future backlinks from relationships.

Website address:



4. MyBlogU

MyBlogU is a platform for writers, journalists, bloggers, and anybody else with a website who wants to locate subject-matter experts to use as quotes in their material. Most website owners and authors who use MyBlogU will acknowledge your effort with the following backlink. You can also use it as a YouTube backlink generator.

Your submission has a good possibility of being accepted and featured on MyBlogU because the site has a large community of driven individuals who care about outcomes, networking, and supporting one another.



5. GrowthHackers

This is a forum for growth hackers where you may share and syndicate articles as well as publish unique stuff that can be a suitable starting point for a growth-related debate.

In reality, you should start by signing up and simply contributing to the debates in order to build up a backlink from GrowthHackers. It is preferable—and more sensible—to post insightful criticism on other people’s work before you begin publishing your own.

If you can participate and make an impression, this is a good place for more opportunities. Because others will believe what you say as an authority, the more authority you gain as a poster, the more opportunities you will have to secure backlinks.




One of the most well-known and heavily used journalistic platforms is HARO (Help A Reporter Out), and opportunities for followed backlinks are simple to uncover there. If you have the time to react to inquiries with insightful quotes, this is a fantastic source for backlinks and can be used as a YouTube backlink generator

Create an account as a Source and select to receive daily emails in your mailbox to receive backlinks from HARO. You can choose the most pertinent questions each day and send an email in direct response. The key is to choose inquiries that, if accepted, would result in a backlink for your YouTube video. You’ll receive a hyperlink when a journalist or blogger accepts and publishes your work!



7. SourceBottle

You receive free publicity by responding to media inquiries from bloggers, journalists, and writers. This is a journalistic service similar to HARO. Similar to HARO, you can join up for SourceBottle to receive daily question emails in your mailbox.

Alternatively, you can search the website directly. To see the most recent listings, simply go to Be A Source in the top navigation menu and click on “browse free PR possibilities by topic” at the top of the page.



8. w3seo

Nobody is a better free YouTube backlink generator than w3seo if you’re looking for them. You will quickly receive a large number of backlinks from top-notch websites. You only need to enter the name of your website in the search bar and press the submit button.

They are aware of the importance of good backlinks and how they affect your results. The key factors that harm your website’s reputation and rankings are spammy links. Because of this, W3seo only provides backlinks of the highest caliber, increasing your chances of appearing on Google’s first few pages. It makes sense why it is one of the best backlink creation tools available today.



9. io

You can produce a standalone website with the help of this very straightforward service. It’s a wonderful choice for making announcements, giveaways, and landing pages that are different from your website, as well as for marketing a giveaway or competition. This straightforward platform allows you to do that and create backlinks directly from the platform.



10. Tumblr

The outgoing Tumblr platform is still a fantastic source for traffic, community growth, and no follow backlinks.



11. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn network is substantial, and you can utilize it to expose your website and material to a wide audience—especially if you also make use of LinkedIn Groups.



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12. Medium

Everyone is familiar with Medium, a content platform that can be accessed through Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It’s a great YouTube backlink generator where you can publish fresh stuff, syndicate already published content, start discussions, and include backlinks in your work. The community’s readers will be persuaded to click on your link and learn more about you if your material is compelling.



13. “Write for Us” Sites

It’s easy to post as a guest. You look for websites in your niche on Google that accept guest posts, and you research those sites to see if they permit followed backlinks. Add your niche to the search word, such as “write for us” in content marketing, to limit the results.

Make a list of the top blogs you wish to write for as a guest, then get in touch with the bloggers and pitch relevant, high-quality content to them. You are free to add as many backlinks as the website owner permits. Other bloggers let one or two pertinent links in the post’s body in addition to the occasional one in the author bio.


14. SyndicationApp

There are a lot of different ways to get high-quality backlinks, but there’s a chance yours won’t last around. Obtaining backlinks of excellent quality can be a difficult undertaking, not to mention the significant expense you will likely incur for just one link.

When creating high-quality links, this fantastic YouTube backlink generator tool will be very helpful. Additionally, the software is really valuable, and some of the backlinks you receive will come from domains with high page rank.



15. Resource Pages

You can find websites using search terms like “helpful resources” or “your niche” that compile useful resources on specialized pages. These editorial, high-quality lists make for some useful backlinks. Use these link building outreach strategies to ask to be included in the resource pages you’ve found on relevant websites where you might fit in well.

You can send the request, for instance, if you have a website that sells medical supplies and you discover an appropriate pharma advice website with a resource page for medical goods.


16. Quora

Anyone can ask a question on this website, and anyone can provide an answer. Because you can establish yourself as a valuable resource and, if you include backlinks to your website in your comments, let people know where to find you, it’s a great platform for YouTube backlink generator.



17. SoundCloud

Start your own podcast or subscribe to one that includes backlinks in the episode description. Redirects are necessary for SoundCloud backlinks to function, but they can still generate a lot of targeted traffic.



18. Growth Hub

Growth Hub, formerly known as, is a community where you can exchange, syndicate, or post information on themes such as growth hacking, SEO, content marketing, inbound marketing, and other growth-related subjects.

Since all of the in-post backlinks are no-follow, you won’t see any immediate SEO benefits, but you will still receive a lot of highly targeted traffic from this YouTube backlink generator.



19. SocialSpark

For bloggers to link to the brand, Social Spark provides tags for each post. Additionally, there are no-followed links and an FTC disclosure. As a result, you (the brand) and the blogger are both completely safe in Google’s eyes, and you both benefit from fantastic advertising and traffic.

Social Spark is a fantastic tool for getting your product mentioned in relevant blogs and social media and for promoting your business.



20. Really Cool Blog Comments

When it comes to SEO strategies, blog comments are nothing new, but they no longer frequently provide followed backlinks. But it’s always fantastic to build authority and engagement, which opens up more possibilities for links and business contacts.


Summing It Up

YouTube backlink generator image

The websites listed here are supposed to be a starting point for your search for a YouTube backlink generator, but each one needs to be thoroughly examined.

Searching for high-quality backlinks takes time. It may be difficult for new YouTubers to obtain high-quality backlinks. They might use a dependable auto backlink generator to begin their investigation.

You can check out the backlink profiles of your rivals who already rank well for your desired keywords. You will gain knowledge about link building from it.

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