Top LegalZoom Competitors & Alternatives (2022) – Forbes Advisor

Rocket Lawyer is one of the most popular online legal services providers, and for good reason. In addition to offering LLC and corporation formation packages, Rocket Lawyer provides access to a network of attorneys who can give you legal advice on a variety of topics via phone, email or chat. If you need to hire an attorney, it offers a discount to do so. And Rocket Laywer stands behind its work—so much so that if a document it creates for you is found to not be legally enforceable, you will receive $10,000.

LegalZoom offers legal advice, too, through its network of attorneys that you must pay around $469 per year to access.

Learn more: Read our Rocket Lawyer review.

Who should use it:

Anyone who needs legal advice in addition to formation services would benefit from using Rocket Lawyer.

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