Vaccination campaign against measles launched

The district health department on Tuesday launched a vaccination campaign against measles at Malana Union Council following a dozen children were reported infected with the disease.

“Vaccination campaign against measles launched , teams were mobilized to Qayyum Nagar locality at Malana union council after receiving reports that several children have contracted measles,” Deputy District Health Officer Dr Hafiz Muhammad Farooq Gul Bhetani who supervised the entire immunization campaign told APP He said that seven teams consisting well-trained and experienced practitioners were constituted to effectively tackle the outbreak of the disease. The entire area was successfully covered and these teams vaccinated the targeted population, he said, adding the things were currently normal and the situation was completely under control.

He elaborated that those children who had fallen victim to the disease aged upto five years. He said that the designated teams visited house to house and covered the entire Qayyum Nagar area by vaccinating all the targeted children. Vaccination campaign against measles launched The teams also met with parents who were adequately enlightened and educated about the precautionary measures against the disease and advised to report promptly if such cases were witnessed in future. He said the district health department was committed to providing best healthcare facilities to residents and added that in this regard no compromise would be made. Dr Farooq Bhetani said there was no shortage of medicine and all necessary medicines were provided to the affected children. There was a strong coordination among all the nominated teams which were hectically engaged in their mission to make the entire exercise a complete success,

Source: This news is originally published by pakobserver

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