Vocational education conference in China offers platform for intl exchanges

An international vocational education conference opened in north China’s Tianjin Municipality on Friday, attracting about 700 participants from over 120 countries and regions.

Vocational education conference in China offers platform for intl exchanges

The World Vocational and Technical Education Development Conference provided a platform for international exchanges and cooperation in vocational and technical education. A world vocational college skills competition and an online expo on the integration of vocational education with industry were also held during the two-day event. Amid the pandemic and downward pressures on the economy, Vocational education conference, China has cultivated talent through vocational education to bolster the confidence in global economic development. Luban Workshop, launched and run by Tianjin, represents a win-win model for international vocational education cooperation, sharing China’s educational achievements and resources with countries in need. So far, 20 such workshops have been built in 19 countries and regions, including Thailand, the United Kingdom, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Portugal. Through programs like Luban Workshop, China’s vocational education cooperation has helped promote employment and improve people’s livelihoods in countries along the Belt and Road. Afifa Shajia Awais, education attache of the Embassy of Pakistan in China, said Luban Workshop is a flagship program of cooperation between the two countries. She said she expects to see further bilateral vocational education cooperation as Pakistan needs a large number of technical personnel amid the country’s industrialization.

Source: This news is originally published by chinadaily

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