We are thrilled to announce the artists of the first PhotoVogue NFT Residency in partnership with Voice

Today we are thrilled to announce the talented artists from the PhotoVogue community who have been selected to participate in the first PhotoVogue NFT Residency program in partnership with Voice, a carbon neutral NFT platform.

The Residency program in partnership with Voice where artists will produce and sell their first NFT collection is aligned with our mission to champion talent and influence visual literacy to help foster a more just, ethical and inclusive world. The photographers selected for this Residency exemplify this shared mission and will create collections centered on the theme of equity and justice.

The artists hail from 29 countries all over the globe, including Nigeria, England, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, the US and more. Wide-ranging and distinct experiences inform this culturally diverse group of artists, but a shared passion for using photography to tell stories unites them all.

Jude Lartey

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We share with Voice a common focus, which is to empower emerging creators from underrepresented and marginalised communities. We believe that this Residency program and collection is an incredible opportunity to amplify the storytelling power of photography and empower diverse artists globally, nurturing their creativity in the digital space.

Congratulations to the artists who will have the opportunity to participate in the Residency and gain new knowledge to share with our community!

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