Wedding Guest Makeup Ideas for Every Style and Skin Tone—See Photos

We know how much time and effort goes into bridal beauty, but wedding guest makeup requires some decision making too. From minimalist makeup to ultra-glam face beats, the options are endless—and usually informed by the dress you wear or the venue you’re at. Our suggestion? Take a scroll through Instagram and your saved folder for inspiration from some of your favorite beauty experts and celebrity makeup artists. 

To get you started, we spoke to some of the top makeup artists to share their best wedding guest makeup looks. Celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose, who works with clients like Lupita Nyong’o, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Kim Cattrall, suggests selecting a vibe or aesthetic that’s true to your personal style. “Makeup for weddings should have that extra pop so it looks great in all the photos but also, at the same time, should look natural and fresh to the naked eye in real life,” he says. “There’s a misleading concept that you have to do a lot more makeup for weddings for the cameras, which is true to a degree, but that doesn’t mean a drastic makeover where you end up looking unrecognizable.”

Instead, focus on creating a solid base by perfecting your complexion. “The skin should always look fresh in real life but polished enough for photos,” Barose says. “That means you might need to wear a bit more foundation and concealer than your everyday, and also a mattifying primer and a bit more powder on your T-zone. Once the complexion look right, you can do fun, glamorous things to the eyes and lips.” 

Ahead, four celebrity makeup artists share their favorite wedding guest makeup looks. 

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