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While most all-in-one website builders simplify the process of creating and managing a website, not all solutions are created equal. Even slight differences between these platforms can make your life easier or a lot more difficult. If you’re debating between Weebly vs. Wix, the best choice for your business may not be immediately apparent.

Forbes Advisor reviewed Weebly and Wix based on several features, including price, support, scalability, customization and ease of use. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to feel confident about the provider you ultimately choose.

Weebly vs. Wix: At a Glance




Pros & Cons

  • Plans are relatively inexpensive
  • User-friendly editor
  • Fast page load speeds
  • 300+ third-party app integrations
  • You can switch themes at any time
  • Not customization friendly
  • Limited website theme options
  • Weebly/Square branding on lowest-tier plans
  • Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) not offered
  • Slow customer support




Pros & Cons

  • Simple drag-and-drop editor
  • 200+ third-party app integrations
  • All paid plans include a free domain
  • Fast loading websites
  • Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) tool makes for easy site design
  • Storage limits on all plans
  • E-commerce plans get expensive
  • Not ideal for large, high-traffic websites
  • You can’t switch design templates
  • Fees for add-on services get pricey

How Weebly and Wix Stack Up

Weebly offers unlimited storage and unlimited website pages. Wix has storage caps on all plans and limits websites to 100 pages, which is adequate for many small businesses but not for all.

Both platforms offer hundreds of third-party software applications and each offers iOS and Android apps for mobile site editing. Neither Wix nor Weebly offers built-in site analytics on free and low-tier plans.

Weebly and Wix each let you build a website for free, and you can upgrade your account anytime. Opening a free account is an effective way to get a sense of which web builder you prefer, though free accounts are limited in features and functionality.

The free Wix account includes up to 500 MB storage and bandwidth, a Wix-branded domain and limited customer support. You cannot accept online payments with a free Wix account.

Weebly‘s free account has more features, including e-commerce functionality, coupons, Square gift cards, an automatic tax calculator and lead capture. You can’t connect a custom domain to a free Weebly account and storage is limited.


Overall, Weebly offers more affordable paid plan options, while Wix offers more plans that include advanced e-commerce features.

Weebly has three paid plans in addition to its free plan. The chart below details key differences among the plans.

Weebly Paid Plans: Pricing and Key Features

Weebly does not have a free trial but does have a 30-day money-back guarantee for its annual plans. To qualify for the guarantee, you must cancel your account within 30 days of activation.

Wix offers a free 14-day trial with its plans. There are three Wix plan tiers available: website plans, business and e-commerce plans and enterprise. The Wix Enterprise plan starts at $500 per month and is tailored to your business’s unique requirements.

Paid Wix website plans are designed for those who want to build a professional website but don’t require e-commerce functionality. The chart below lists the pricing and key features for each plan.

Wix Website Plans: Pricing and Key Features

Wix business and e-commerce plans are required if you intend to sell products, goods or services on your website. While these Wix plans can get costly, they also come with a variety of advanced e-commerce features. View key plan feature differences in the chart below.

Wix Business and E-Commerce Plans: Pricing & Key Features

You can run all types of businesses with a Wix business and e-commerce plan. Wix add-on services allow you to add various business features to your website, such as online booking management, event ticket sales and reservation management.

Given that Weebly offers e-commerce functionality on all its plans—including its free plan—Weebly beats out Wix for best low-cost e-commerce solution. You’ll pay just $29 per month for Weebly’s most expensive e-commerce plan instead of $49 for Wix’s top plan. However, the depth and breadth of selling tools available through Wix make it worth a closer look for anyone building a site that requires advanced e-commerce features.


Both Weebly and Wix are built with user-friendliness in mind. Weebly offers 50+ design templates, while Wix provides more than 800. More design choices can be good if you’re looking for a specific look for your site, but so many options can also confuse those building a website for the first time.

Wix offers an artificial design intelligence (ADI) platform for those who need a little more help with website development. With the ADI, you answer a few questions about the purpose of your site and design preferences, then the ADI creates a site for you. If you wish, you can then further tailor your site to your precise needs.

While Weebly does not have an ADI, it comes with a structured drag-and-drop editor that controls where and how content can appear on your website. The advantage of Weebly’s grid design is that it’s easy to develop a site that looks professional, even if you have no design knowledge. Wix’s gridless editor allows for more design flexibility, but that can prove difficult to control for those without a flair for graphic design.

Third-party App Integrations

Wix has a slight edge over Weebly in terms of total integrations. Weebly has more than 200 third-party apps available, while Wix has more than 300. You’ll find a variety of free and paid software integrations in each provider’s app store.

The Wix App Market offers apps in six categories:

  • Marketing
  • Sell Online
  • Services and Events
  • Media and Content
  • Design Elements
  • Communication

Wix offers several branded apps, including the Wix Hit Counter, Wix Chat, Wix Events, Wix Bookings, Wix Hotels and Wix Stores. You’ll also find popular third-party apps in the Market, such as Printify, Wordtune, Rabbit SEO, Fyrebox Quizzes, Smart Social Icons, Instagram Pro, Schedulista Bookings and Dropbox.

The Weebly App Center lists apps in five categories;

  • E-Commerce
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Social
  • Site Tools and Features

Paid Members, Printful, Comments Plus +, Mobile Converter, Poptin, Better Coupon Box, Stay22 and Easy Contact Form are just a few of the highest-rated integrations in the Weebly App Center. Simple Table, MightyTags, Sales Pop, Code Block, Twitter Buttons and Image Loupe are some of Weebly’s most popular free app integrations.

Website Backup Options

You can back up your Wix website as often as you’d like; the only challenge is remembering to perform the site backups. Should you encounter an issue where you need to restore your website from a backup, Wix lets you do this yourself and the process is relatively straightforward.

You can create a website backup in Weebly by exporting your site into a zip file and storing it locally. However, that zip file is not restorable; it’s just a way to keep your files should you decide to move your site. Blog and store pages are not included in the export, as they depend on the Weebly database.

If you make an error or find a problem on your Weebly site after an item has been published, you cannot immediately revert to a previous version of your site on your own. Weebly support is required to restore your website. Unfortunately, this can lead to extended site downtime, as you are not in control of when support will be available to help you. With that in mind, Wix also offers automatic backup options to give you some added peace of mind.

Customer Support

Weebly and Wix each offer customer and technical support via online community forums as well as robust online knowledge centers. Weebly is the only service that also provides online chat, which can be extremely helpful to users who need answers quickly.

Weebly’s customer support team is available Monday through Sunday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time. Email support is available for all plans and phone support is available to top-tier plan holders. Users can also reach Wix via live chat if they prefer that method.

Customers on Wix free plans can receive support via support tickets; customers on paid plans can also receive support via phone. Wix offers 24/7 call-back support to its English- and Spanish-speaking customers; other languages are also supported, though support hours are more restricted. On average, it takes about 24 hours for Wix to answer support inquiries.

Bottom Line

While it’s a close call, Forbes Advisor chooses Weebly as our top choice for website builder based on Weebly’s affordability, user-friendliness and extensive customer support options. Weebly is perfect for those with limited tech and design skills. Plus, Weebly is the only solution that includes basic e-commerce functionality on all its plans.

Wix is an excellent website builder for those who want more design variety and customization. It’s also the superior website platform for those who need advanced e-commerce capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best website builder?

Several factors go into selecting the best website builder for your individual budget and needs, which is why we created this guide to the top ten website builders. We considered many aspects when creating the guide, including cost, features, storage, bandwidth and reviews.

How much does a website builder cost?

Some providers, such as Weebly and Wix, offer a free website builder—but with limited features. Most website builders have a monthly subscription fee for users who don’t want to use their subdomain. Prices can range from less than $10 per month, for basic features, to over $50 per month for plans with more advanced e-commerce and SEO capabilities.

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