What Does it mean when a cat Purrs? 15 Facts about cat’s love language

What does it mean when a cat purrs? First, you need to realize that purring is absolutely normal with felines. The way humans express themselves when they speak, is the same way cats communicate important feelings when they purr. You should never ignore it. 

As your hand gently pat your feline friend curled up in your laps, a soft vibration of purr greets your touch, expressing their feelings of pleasure and happiness.

At that point, you are no longer asking the question of ‘what does it mean when a cat purrs?’ because you can already feel the bubbles of pleasure from your cat. But that is not all there is to purr.

Cats don’t only purr when they are being stroked, and they certainly do not just purr for happiness’ sake.

In fact, it would be a misconception to conclude that cats purr only when they are happy.

So, what does it mean when a cat purrs? It could mean that the cat is in a great mood, feels comfy and safe or it could be an indication of self-comfort in times of distress, like pain and hunger.

According to findings, purring may also be a mechanism used by cats for bone regeneration (Yes, bones! But don’t fret, your cat is probably doing fine). 


It is impossible to tell exactly what causes this furry creature to purr because, like other felines, they have no control over their purr.

It is an activity concerned with the neurological part of the cat’s brain. When the nervous system sends a message to the larynx (vocal fold), the action causes a rapid movement of the larynx muscles and glottis.

As the cat inhales and exhales, air vibration occurs producing the purring sound. The purring frequency is around 20 to 30 vibrations per second.

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Have you ever noticed your cat chirping around you and you are wondering ‘why does my cat chirp?’ Well, love is the answer.

Every cat owns a distinct behavior, unlike dogs. Cats have quite complicated personalities that make them difficult to understand.

However, certain character display lets you in on their expression of love. Like, when your cat seeks to lie next to you, rub their faces against you, and slowly blink as they stare at you, it means they are trying to show incredible feelings of fondness towards you. 

Cats also use sounds to communicate emotions around their favorite human. when they purr and chirp around you, it shows they are happy and they love you (now you know why cats chirp!).

It is also believed that cats do not really meow at strangers, they meow at you because they think you are special, and feel safe around you.


One of the greatest displays of affection from a cat is when they purr or meow at you.

What purring means for a cat during petting is that they love the interactions you’re both having. That means your feline friend feels content and happy.


There’s the love bite!

What does it mean when a cat purrs and bites? You are confused because one moment your furry friend is purring and appears relaxed as you gently stroke them, but suddenly they turn to you and bite.

This could be triggered by jadedness. The bite is a message telling you that much as they enjoyed the interaction, they have had enough and want to be left alone.

It also could be as a result of your harmless touch on a hurting spot on their body thereby rousing a sense of danger that makes them react.

It is usually best to leave them be when this happens.

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Cats love to claim ownership of things they love and rubbing against you is their way of doing that.

Since love is one of the reasons why cats purr, it means that your cat loves you immensely and trusts you, as they rub against you, they transfer their scent to you (no, you won’t smell like cats) thereby marking their territory.

If anyone asks you what purring means for a cat, you can just say it means to love.


The way humans express themselves when they speak, or show emotions is the same way cats communicate their feelings. Cats love as much as humans and have various ways in which they express their love languages. Some of those ways are included here:

1. Purring

What does it mean when a cat purrs? Purring is the greatest display of love from a cat. what purring means for a cat is that it is an automatic sound that follows relaxation and happiness.

When they purr at you, it simply means they are happy with you.

2. Gifting  

Humans often send their loved ones gifts. This act is common among felines as well. They bring you gifts of hunted mice to toys or anything that speaks value in their own perspective.

This is a display of love from them, they certainly think you are worth it, if they didn’t you wouldn’t be getting any gifts.

3. Headbutting

Cats will headbutt you out of love. They do this by rubbing their head on your leg or touching their forehead against yours.

It is also a way for them to leave their scents on you. Talk about being territory with love.

4. Belly display

When a cat is comfortable with you, they like to play around you by throwing themselves on the ground and rolling around or just showing their belly to you. That is usually an invitation to be fondled or they are just seeking attention.

5. Tail twitch

When a cat twitches the tip of there when they are around you, it is a signal of love. Notice that whenever you pat your cat, their tail goes upright and slightly tip at the end? Well, that is their way of showing affection too.

6. Meowing

Cats do not meow at strangers. they only meow at people they love and feel comfortable with. Next time your cat meows at your arrival, keep in mind that it is expressing love.

7. Eye contact

Ever noticed your cat staring at you with wild vulnerable eyes and blinking slowly? That is an expression of trust and love.

8. Licking

When a cat is fond of you, they groom you by licking your skin, ears hair indicating great affection

9. Tag along

one way a cat expresses love is by tagging along. It follows you frequently follows you as you move about the house.

10. Sleeping

If your cat loves sleeping on your lap, loses to you, or persists to the night right next to you in bed, it means that they love you.

11. Kneading with paws

This is an expression of affection from your cat. it is an instinctive act of love from them and not necessarily meant to hurt, but if the kneading hurts, you can redirect your cat’s paws or attention to something else.

12. Nibbling 

This is a gentle bite from your cat. it differs from the real bite and does not draw blood. The nibbles are an expression of love.

13. Scratching 

Cats have been known to scratch a surface or persons that they are fond of.

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14. Constant gurgling

If your cat gurgles constantly, they are probably happy and content with you. It is a common trait of cats to gurgle when they are feeling affectionate.

15. Chirping and trilling

Seriously why do cats chirp? They do so when they are around someone they love. It is a sign of love and happiness.

Frequently asked questions on what does it mean when a cat purrs

why does my cat chirp?

Most often, the reason why cats chirp and trill is because they are happy being around people they love.

Does purring mean my cat is happy?

Yes. In many cases it does. However, cats also purr when they are trying to soothe distress like pain and hunger

Does purring mean my cat is sick?

Cats often purr because they are happy, although in certain instances they purr at a high frequency to soothe their distress. You should look out for the pitch of their purr to determine if it’s for fun or otherwise.

Why is my cat purring loud?

What purring means for a cat depends on the pitch of purr. A high-frequency purr might indicate that your cat is injured and is trying to soothe their pain. 

Reasons why cats purr

cats can purr because they are;
• Happy
• Relaxed
• Hungry
• hurt
• feeling affectionate



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