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A PEO acts as a co-employer that provides services for your business and its employees. It can allow you to outsource important HR functions, such as payroll, benefits and training while ensuring compliance with federal and state employment laws. By working with a PEO, you may free up your time and focus on improving your products or services and growing your business.

There are many PEOs available and each one offers its own lineup of services. While some PEOs only cover basic HR tasks, others go the extra mile and provide other services, such as employee onboarding and handbooks, as well as data analytics and real-time insights.

What a PEO Doesn’t Cover

While a PEO handles human resources on your behalf, the organization doesn’t control your business. You can count on them to manage your employee-related administration and risks but it’s up to you to make operational decisions that steer your business toward success.

Also, a PEO will not replace your internal HR team. Instead, they’ll complement them and provide insight into complex HR situations or workplace improvement efforts. In addition, a reputable, experienced PEO won’t disrupt your workplace.

When you begin to work with them, your employees may notice their name on their paychecks but will continue to operate as usual. Lastly, you can’t count on a PEO to assist with marketing, sales or product distribution as that typically is outside of their scope of work.

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