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Sling software has a forever free plan but also gives a 14-day free trial for its paid plans. In fact, even if you sign up for a free plan, for the first 14 days you are put on its Business plan to get a taste of its capabilities.


Here are the three pricing plans available for Sling:

  • Free: Forever free plan
  • Premium: $1.70 per user per month, billed annually; $2 per user per month, billed monthly.
  • Business: $3.40 per user per month, billed annually; $4 per user per month, billed monthly

The Free plan allows unlimited schedules, shifts and employees. You can also create shift templates and manage time-off requests. However, you need to have a paid plan if you want to avail features such as employee availability and unavailability, calendar synchronization, auto assigning or SMS shift alarms.

Private messaging and group messaging are also available only for paid plans. In the free plan, you can only share news through news feeds or announcements.

Time tracking, workforce management and task management features are available only in paid plans.



Sling helps you create employee schedules very quickly. You can then view the schedules grouped according to shifts, employees and groups from the dashboard. You can also create schedule templates so that you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Team communication

Sling interface allows you one-to-one as well as group messaging features to streamline communication within the organization. Employees can initiate private conversations to discuss projects or swap shift times. Administrators can create news feeds to keep everyone informed about organization-wide communication.

Time tracking

Using Sling’s time tracking features, you can track employees’ regular as well as overtime hours and export timesheets for payroll applications.

Workforce management

Features such as assigning break times during shifts, overtime tracking, extra pay for holiday shifts, paid time-off request management, labor costs and employee document management ensure that you manage all your workforce management needs from a single dashboard.

Task management

You can attach task lists to each shift to ensure everything gets completed.

Cost optimization

The labor costs feature allows you to measure your expenses for each shift or team that you have assembled. You can optimize labor costs while scheduling so that you stick to the budget allocated for each project or month.

Mobile time tracking

Mobile time tracking allows your employees to clock in and out of shifts from their phone apps. It also sends out notifications to both employer and employee if the clock-in doesn’t happen on time. Geofencing clock in and out also ensures automatic login.

Labor compliance

Sling allows you to customize the app according to the labor laws and regulations in your region. This compliance enables you to adopt fair scheduling practices.

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