What needs to be done to decarbonise the transport sector?

The transport sector currently accounts for more than 20% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions and with seven billion people projected to be living in urban areas by 2050, this is a sector that needs to radically transform.

Our CEO, Marie Lam-Frendo, was recently interviewed by CNBC for the latest episode in its ‘Greenprint for a Sustainable Future’ series. Focused on the decarbonisation of the transport sector, this episode discusses how an electric mobility revolution and smart, sustainable infrastructure can help us reach net zero.

Marie and other industry experts explore how scaling up electric vehicles (EVs) is the most obvious solution to address this, given these technologies have already been developed. However, there are still barriers to implementing electric mobility, which we need to recognise and address. These include:

  • Ensuring we have the infrastructure needed and leveraging technology innovations, like microgrids, to support the deployment of EVs.
  • Addressing the data gap to ensure better planning and to better understand where investment is lagging and needs to be scaled up.
  • Ensuring that EVs are affordable and that the infrastructure and technologies are accessible on a global scale, and continuing to focus on resource use in line with green and circular economy principles.
  • Scaling up innovative financing mechanisms and increasing private investment in the sector to truly address the infrastructure investment gap.

Implementing net zero solutions, like EVs, and InfraTech at scale has the potential to transform the transport sector, but it requires a global coordinated effort. The GI Hub is committed to advancing this through our work for the G20 and with our partners. Thank you Schneider Electric and CNBC for inviting Marie to be part of this important series. 

Watch the full episode here

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