What to Wear in Paris: 7 Easy Outfits We Love

I am a huge daydreamer. People often catch me staring into space and wonder where I’ve gone off to. Well, lately, it’s been a cab ride to the airport to catch the next flight to Paris. Something about that magical city has a hold on me: the architecture, the boulangeries, and, most importantly, the effortless style of the women who live there. It feels like the perfect place to get lost and rediscover both yourself and your sense of style.

It’s been a few years since my last trip to the fashion capital, so I’ve been saving all of the inspiration that I can from the girls who have taken snaps of my favorite Parisian outfits. Curiosity got the best of me, as always, so I decided to bring Paris straight to your web browser to get the inspo and insights that come with a trip to France without having to leave the house.

A quick chat with my favorite fashion insiders who have either recently visited or are currently living in Paris to find out what they’ve learned from the city about French fashion was long overdue. Read on to discover the Paris outfits that I’ve fallen in love with and what the women who wore them have learned from their time in the city.

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