Where To Buy Real Estate Leads – Forbes Advisor

When considering the best sites to buy real estate leads, we considered the features agents would find most valuable, such as lead quality and automation. Sites that offered qualified, warm leads ranked higher than those where leads were cold and would take a lot of persuasive prowess to convert.

Additionally, since automation is such a powerful tool for agents on the grind, this also was a major consideration. Automation includes any feature that sends out marketing text, emails or calls on your behalf, so you can spend your valuable time elsewhere.

Naturally, price also played a big role in how we ranked our top choices. If a service didn’t seem to provide enough value for its cost, this hurt its ranking.

Extra features, such as an included CRM or personalized customer support, also helped us round out our list of top lead buying sites. Basically, if a service went above and beyond just providing leads, we considered this a plus.

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