Who What Wear Podcast: Garance Doré

How did you think through formulations?
When I was the editor in chief and the creative director of Dor
é, we had a beauty closet that was exploding constantly. I was working with a lot of different brands and I also wanted to try all the new products.

I remember that my skin started becoming really sensitive and I started becoming very red. I go, “This is weird. I wonder what it is.”

Until one day I went to see my dermatologist and she’s like, “What do you put on your skin? There are too many ingredients.”

I remember that each time my reaction was always, “Okay, my skin is in need of something simple. I’m going to go back to the French pharmacy.” Those brands like La Roche Posay or these kind of things that are safe.

Looking into the formulations, that was also the moment when everybody started to understand more what we meant by clean beauty, what are parabens. Being much more conscious of what we are putting on our skin.

This was kind of the idea at the heart of Doré: How do we create a brand that talks to these ancestral needs and also has the modernity, the standards of cleanliness, of sustainability that we can’t do without today?

So that was the idea and we knew would be a very big challenge, because on top of that, I’ve never liked to pay a lot of money for my beauty products. 

Emily and I had always wanted to do is things that are accessible and that are chic—not just because of the money you spend for them.

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