Winnie Harlow Spills About Her Career, Travel, and Style

Is there anything you said when you spoke at the Create & Cultivate panel that you think every woman should know?

Any business you want to create, you have to believe in it first. It’s so easy to slap your name or your face on a product, but when you really, really believe in your product, it’s so much easier to go out and let other people believe in what you believe.

What inspired you to start your own skincare brand, and what do you think makes it different?

I was inspired to start my own skincare brand after a horrible experience on a photo shoot, where I was severely sunburnt when nobody wanted me to reapply sunscreen because of the white cast that would show up in the photos. Growing up with vitiligo, SPF was always a part of my life. It worked well but never looked or felt great! I created Cay Skin to give everyone under the sun SPFs that look and feel great so that you never want to skip your SPF.

Do you have any advice for staying calm and centered in such a hectic world?

I think it’s important to prioritize yourself and your mental health. But most importantly, make time for those you love. It’s in those moments that I feel the most grounded and recharged.

From modeling to running your own company, you juggle a lot. Do you have any time-management suggestions for other women balancing it all?

I would say the biggest suggestion I have for balancing it all would be to be wise with your yes. Not every opportunity is worth jumping on—it’s important to evaluate what aligns with your goals and direction the most and make decisions from that place. Focus your time and energy rather than saying yes to everything and leading to burnout.

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