World-Ventures-Reviews: Is It Scam or Legit

World-Ventures-Reviews: Is It Scam or Legit

Have you ever wanted to earn a living wage while on vacation? World Ventures is one platform where that can be possible.

This platform is so tempting to think that you can earn a huge amount while taking your dream trips.

The old adage that says “a fool is born every minute” Do not be one of them.

Stay one step ahead of these surprisingly effective travel scams to prevent your vacation plans from falling apart.

Our World Ventures Reviews will enlighten you if it is a scam or legit.

If you’re not familiar with World ventures, it is a multi-level business that sells discounted travel subscriptions through the Rovia Travel and Lifestyle Booking Agent.

So we’re going to go over what it is, what they do, how it works, and of course, if it is a scam or legit.

What is World Ventures?

WorldVentures, a company that will let you earn money while going on amazing vacations.

Wayne Nugent and Dan Stammen founded the company because they believe that travel is an essential part of life.

They both had a multilevel marketing (i.e MLM) background and paved the way for fun, freedom, and satisfaction.

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What is World Ventures DreamTrips?

According to its website, the WorldVentures biz “offers the largest, best, and most awarded group vacation packages, DreamTrips.”

Founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Wayne Nugent, they have over 10 years of success selling vacation club memberships through their network of direct sellers.

And this is not a small company. Almost a billion dollars in turnover, its growth in 2016 was over 200 million dollars. We don’t know about you, but it would be nice to have a piece.

Is World Ventures Legit or a Scam? 

It’s easier when something is a scam, and the decision to take part is up to you.

That is not the case here.

If World Ventures were a scam, they wouldn’t have been in business since 2005. However, depending on where you live, this may not be entirely true.

According to the Wikipedia WorldVentures page, the Norwegian Lottery has classified them as an illegal pyramid game. The Wikipedia article doesn’t present WorldVentures in the best light and you may not want this to be your only resource for deciding.

Whatever your opinion of pyramid “type” systems, they are legal in many parts of the world, provided they meet certain criteria. That said, whether this criterion is met, the structure is always pyramidal, as with ascendants and descendants.

In the case of World Ventures, the way it works is to get 4 people to join, which qualifies you for a level one bonus. In addition to having 4 people, you need to make $1,600 in downline (or team) sales, earning you a $200 bonus.

The Tier 2 bonus is a fixed payment of $300 when your volume reaches $3,200 or more. Tier 3 is commission-based, paying between $432 and $900 when your team line sales exceed $5,400.

While not entirely a scam, the business model counts as tiered marketing where most of the money is made at the top.

It may be tempting to think that you can recruit unlimited members, but network marketing has been shown to be unsustainable in the long run.

In WorldVentures’ latest annual income report, it was revealed that approximately 80% of reps earn nothing.

How Does World Ventures Work?

The way World ventures work is quite easy and simple.

They operate on a monthly subscription with an upfront registration fee and recurring monthly payments. Every dollar earns you one DreamTrips point.

As a customer, you accumulate these points to earn DreamTrips rewards. They basically act as discount coupons to get you cheaper options on the deals you want.

Besides affordable travel packages, you get access to DreamTrips special events, free transportation, upgraded accommodations, fun tours, popular destinations, and more.

You earn referral points and it’s called “sharing your membership.” In return, you will receive DreamTrips points for each new friend who signs up.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Can You Actually Earn Money From WorldVentures?

There is some income potential at WorldVentures. But unfortunately, as with all MLMS, decent earnings are often limited to those at the top of the pyramid.

A whopping 77.51% were not generating income according to WorldVentures income disclosure, and one of the many lawsuits filed against the company claims that 99.7% suffered an average loss of $ 1,000 per year.

Despite lawsuits and investigations, WorldVentures continues to claim its legitimacy, claiming to face short-term challenges that have resulted in delays in commission payments.

Members must manage commission payments through an electronic wallet, accessible through a back-office connection provided by WorldVentures when you sign up. However, there are still many complaints that it is inaccessible, which means there is practically no payment.

Currently, WorldVentures owes commissions to its members around the world, from South Africa to Singapore.

How Much Does World Ventures Cost?

World Ventures pricing is quite easy.

They have just 3 membership tiers and they are affordable for any member even those on a budget.

Here is the most up-to-date pricing information on 3 membership tiers, including the new Silver plan:

  • The DreamTrips Silver package costs $25 plus $25 per month. This earns you 0 points.
  • The Dream Trips Gold package costs $200, with an additional $57 per month. This earns you 140 travel points (TP) upon registration and another 684 at the end of your first year.
  • There is also a Dream Trips Platinum package that costs $300 upfront and $100 per month and offers 200 sign-up points and 1,200 after your first birthday.

World Ventures Compensation Plan

Lust like MLM business, World Ventures compensation plan is like a pyramid where you get placed at the top and then you build a team on the left and on the right.

But it actually gets more complicated because WorldVentures uses 2 types of org structures: Lineage and Binary as you can see in your own pdf file.

Basically, you win with WorldVentures using these 2 principal methods:

  • Sell ​​the company’s products (travel packages) and earn a commission
  • Recruit people in the system and earn recurring commissions.

World Ventures Reviews: Is DreamTrips Worth The Membership?

They have posted many World Ventures complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. So of these World Ventures reviews show the product is overpriced and under-delivered.

You can see that from the image below.

Another problem with the World Ventures RBS system is that recruiters can often be misleading. Many new members learn that the product sells itself, but it just doesn’t. It can be difficult to convince people to sign up for a business opportunity that they have to pay money for.

As some complain about this platform, some are quite pleased with their services.

While this is not a scam as it has a complete product and sales structure that we cannot recommend it.

Hence, our 2021 review of World Ventures will highlight the Pros and Cons of these travel companies.

World Ventures Pros

  • World Ventures offers a unique product in the multi-level marketing space so that you don’t face the same competition as if you were promoting something like cosmetics or weight loss, for example.
  • People are passionate about traveling and if you are a frequent traveler, you can tap into that passion while enjoying membership.
  • This is a very attractive product for many demographic groups.

World Ventures Cons

  • The benefits of membership are difficult to quantify and with a little shopping, you may be able to find similar offers that are just as good and maybe better.
  • It’s marketing on many levels and if you don’t like recruiting or your friends and family are avoiding you for that reason, as a business opportunity, it’s not a matter of getting started.
  • The business is not yours. All your hard work is ultimately theirs if you decide you don’t want to do it anymore or if you leave for any reason.

In Conclusion

Over 80% of the people who get involved don’t make money. In my opinion, there are two reasons.

First, it is not a business that most people like to build. Like a diet that makes you unhappy, you will eventually give it up if the effort is painful.

Second, people are often ignorant of reality. To be successful in network marketing, you need a unique personality. You also need a specific set of ‘selling’ skills (which can be learned) and an unusual ability to deal with rejection repeatedly (which is not that easy to learn).

Very often, unique circumstances, such as being addicted to a group of people like your community, church, business, or sports league, play a role.


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