Zac Efron Explained the Painful Reason His Jaw Got So Big

Zac Efron just explained why his jaw, much like the Grinch’s heart, seemingly grew three sizes overnight, and the backstory is both painful and a little funny.

Last year, for Earth Day, the Hairspray star appeared in a musical video looking, let’s say, swollen. Fast-forward to the 1:50 mark to see him sporting a jawline much wider than usual. The Internet quickly decided that he’d had some sort of botched Botox procedure, but in a new interview the actor revealed the truth: He’d broken his jaw.

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He was running through his house in socks (cute) and slipped and smacked into a granite fountain, knocking himself unconscious, he told Men’s Health. When he came to, his jaw was hanging off his skull, and as he healed, the surrounding muscles got huge to, I guess, hold his skull together? I’m not a doctor, but Efron explained that the facial muscles work together “like a symphony,” and that sounds right to me. TL;DR: He does physical therapy to keep his jaw looking normal, but he took a break around the time he made the video, hence the bigness.

Obviously, I had to see for myself what kind of fountain dared hurt our prettiest boy, and if you are also curious, here are pictures of the house he sold a month after appearing in the Earth Day video. The fountain in question seems to be the small outdoor waterfall feeding into his hillside pool. And you know, if I broke my face, I’d wanna offload my house too. Painful memories and whatnot.

Elsewhere in the interview Efron reflected on his ripped Baywatch physique, noting that it was neither realistic long-term, nor worth it. “That Baywatch look, I don’t know if that’s really attainable. There’s just too little water in the skin. Like, it’s fake; it looks CGI’d…. And that required Lasix, powerful diuretics, to achieve. So I don’t need to do that. I much prefer to have an extra, you know, 2 to 3 percent body fat.” Yeah, the way stars get their abs to pop is by dehydrating themselves so their skin sticks to their stomach muscles. Just a reminder when you’re watching movies. Don’t try it at home, kids! You might fall over and break your jaw.

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