Zendaya Remains Queen of the Blowout at the US Open—See Photos

A good blowout can feel like opening the door to a room full of money—a sentiment Zendaya would surely agree with. With a blow dryer, boar bristle brush (or the duo combined), and a few spritzes of a heat protectant, your hair can transform into a bouncier, more volumized, and shinier version of itself. And if there’s anyone who should serve as an exemplar of amazing blowouts, it’s 1,000 percent, Zendaya. 

She has long solidified herself as a style and beauty icon (well before the age of 25, we might add), so we expect to be blown away (haha, get it?) every time she steps a foot outside of her apartment. Naturally, the Euphoria lead did just that on August 31 at the US Open just a day before her birthday. She might not have been on the court, but she undoubtedly won the blowout game with this hair that had the perfect combination of volume, curls, and frizz that would make any pageant queen jealous. 

The Disney veteran looked like a beauty on Wednesday, August 31 with a simple black turtleneck, glasses, and brunette hair swept over the side of her head. The roots of her hair alone were full of height, creating that classic pouf shape. Her medium-length, chocolate-brown hair fell into a sea of loose waves that landed around her chest area.

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Getty Images

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